Mercy Alive


VOL. 39 NO. 39

If I haven’t had the chance to meet you yet, my name is Stephen Franklin. I am the new Assistant Youth Minister in charge of EDGE. If you don’t know what EDGE is, it is Mercy’s youth group for grades 6th – 8th. We have officially kicked off EDGE for the school year! EDGE so far has been a blast! It has been a pleasure and a blessing to meet and get to know the kids of Our Lady of Mercy Parish. We have had two EDGE Nights and three EDGE Bible Studies. In that time we have had a chance to play a lot of fun games, eat some really good food, and most importantly, we’ve had the opportunity to encounter Jesus in prayer and Scripture.


I wanted to take a minute to re-invite everyone to join us for our Bible Study that we have every Tuesday after school! We are talking about Jesus’ life as told in the Gospel of John. We have had a lot of fun so far and really only started to scratch the surface of what the message that God has for us in His Gospel. So if you are interested (even if you haven’t been to Bible Study or EDGE yet), we’d love to have you join us! Our next Bible Study will be Tuesday September 20th, from 3:00 – 4:00 pm in Ms. Mendizabal’s room at OLOM School.


EDGE nights are equally as terrific and loaded with fun activities. Here are some themes we have on tap for the year: Gifts and Talents; Mercy and Confession; Crazy Kickball; Deep End Praise and Worship; Theology of the Body; and some pretty cool surprises. Join us for our next EDGE Night on Thursday, October 6th from 6:00 – 8:00 pm and bring a friend. I can’t wait to see everyone there!


For a complete list of EDGE events, go to Our Lady of Mercy Church’s website, under the Youth tab.


For more information, contact:

Mr. Stephen Franklin
(225) 926-1883


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