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This October 23, 2016 from12-7pm Our Lady of Mercy is hosting the diocesan event, World Youth Day! This opportunity is an honor, and a great way to build community, relations, and fellowship with other parishes and people in our diocese.  The concept and objective of the ‘mini pilgrimage’ that this day will hold, is to give youth and adults alike the opportunity to give a strong and public witness in their local community to their Catholic and apostolic faith. When this event was first held in our diocese, the walk began and ended at our diocesan chancery. Since then, there has come to be a great benefit to inviting a different church parish to host the event each year, with the walk beginning and ending at their parish. One of the joys of this sacred day is the opportunity for authentic evangelization by the community and for the community. While this program was original designed for junior high and high school youth, it has since then been promoted as a family activity as well!


The theme for our Diocesan World Youth Day is in communion with the International World Youth Day theme for the year given by the Holy Father himself. This year, we are focusing on Mercy. Misericordia is the theme for World Youth Day this year. We are going to be taking a ‘pilgrimage’ to three venues in an effort to get a taste of what an actual pilgrimage is like. These three venues will be held at different sites along Marquette Avenue, and our day will consist of Mass with Bishop Muench; a key note talk by Fr. Rick Martignetti, OFM; Confession and Adoration; and if that weren’t enough, we are being provided delicious food by our very own Knights of Columbus! This is truly a great day for our parish community to come together, and we want to welcome and invite you all to be a part of the day.


There is a great need for volunteers. Please email Amelia Gallagher at for information on how to sign up to help. Opportunities are available from helping our Knights of Columbus with food, to venue set up, to being an Extraordinary Minister for Mass with our Bishop, and more.

We look forward to seeing everyone on this special day!


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