Mercy Alive


VOL. 38 NO. 7

In the recent Stewardship of Ministry sign-up, one of the areas of service in need of volunteers is that of an Usher.

Ushers greet and welcome; assist in seating parishioners and visitors, take up the offertory at Mass, handout bulletins at the end of Mass, and assist at other liturgical celebrations as well.

Our Lady of Mercy has a very distinguished history of dedicated Ushers who have served so faithfully over the years. Men and Women are welcome to join!
(Coat and tie are not required)

At the recent Annual Ushers’ Banquet, the following Ushers were honored and recognized for their distinguished service:

Service Awards:
Ronald J. Rome Sr. – 25 years
Francis C. Pellegrin – 25 years
Robert M. Tuminello – 30 years
Charles R. Bernhard – 30 years
Robert A. Giroir – 35 years (pictured above)
Louis S. Ruffino, Jr. – 40 years
William D. Cambre – 60 years
Sandy R. Roppolo – 65 years

Lifetime Members:
Alex T. Bourgeois
John B. DeLatin, Sr.
Lannie L. Bonnette, Jr.
William Efferson
Charles Favaro
John “Jack” Jackson
Eldridge D. McGee
Angelo Sparacino

Deceased Members:
Joe V. Zito (1/19/15)
Fred C. Dupre (12/14/14)

For more information, contact:
Mr. Carroll DiBenedetto
(225) 927-2869

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