Mercy Alive


VOL. 39 NO. 34

While I am very excited for my future now, I was quite surprised when God initially revealed to me that He might be calling me to the priesthood… I’m really looking forward to continuing my path of fulfilling the Lord’s will for me as a seminarian!


I was born and raised here in Baton Rouge, and Our Lady of Mercy has been my home parish for as long as I can remember. I also attended OLOM School from Kindergarten through eighth grade, and this May, I graduated from Catholic High.


My journey to what may or may not be priesthood began toward the end of my junior year. One of my good friends asked me an out of the blue question, “Tres, have you ever thought about becoming a priest?” I sat there in disbelief because I had never really considered priesthood as an option in my life. I had always believed that I was going to go on to be a doctor. This remark sparked an interest in me, so I began to do some “cyber-discerning,” researching as much as I could to get an understanding of how the priesthood works.


After I had done all that I could on the internet, I decided to bring it to God. That summer, I began a 54-day novena with the intention for my discernment of my vocation. Now that I look back on it, that was when I began to feel a calling to priesthood, but still I needed more. On my senior retreat, Fr. Josh Johnson said Mass for us, and stayed to eat dinner with us afterwards. By some chance, he sat right next to me, and we began talking about priesthood. Shortly after, he asked to be my spiritual director, and from then on, he was there for me to ask questions and guide me through prayer and general life skills to discern my vocation.


The real difference maker in my decision to apply for the seminary was the March for Life in January of this year. On this week long trip to Washington DC, I was exposed to a different side of priesthood that I hadn’t seen before, and it was extraordinary because I was surrounded by priests the whole time. And then one night in particular, I had beautiful experience in Adoration in which God revealed a little part of His plan to me. I knew then that I at least needed to go to seminary to truly discern God’s plan for my vocation. So then in March, I began applying to the seminary, and I found peace in doing God’s will! As I continue my journey of discernment, I ask for your prayers and in return, I will be praying for you.


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