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Within the cherished walls of the Parish Activity Center you will find what most parents consider a haven; a
space dedicated solely to the smallest of parishioners,
the Guardian Angels Nursery. Ms. Sharon Vincent and her team of volunteers offer sitting services to parents of babies and school-aged children who have not yet received their First Holy Communion. Babies have the opportunity to interact with children their own age, playing with age appropriate toys, and loved by the volunteers who oversee their care. 


Children ages 4 through 8 have the option to attend
Bible school in a separate classroom. Here an interactive lesson is taught on the Gospel reading of the day. Parents are encouraged to drop off their child(ren) at any time during the 9:00 or 10:30 am Masses.


Ms. Sharon Vincent, an educator of  young minds and souls, oversees all aspects of the nursery including the volunteer schedule. Nursery volunteers serve on a rotational basis and require no formal training. The only requirements to volunteer are completion of the Child Protection certification and a love of children. 


Volunteers are especially needed to teach Bible classes; experience as a teacher is not needed in this role. New volunteers are welcome to join at any time. The Sunday Nursery has such a rich tradition in our parish insomuch as many of our volunteers were once child participants in their younger years.


The Nursery is open to children every Sunday, except major holiday weekends and the weekend of the school fair. Nursery times and closures can be found on the church website and in the Mercy Alive bulletin under the “This Week” section.


Nursery times:
Sunday Mass 9:00 am
Sunday Mass 10:30 am


If you are interested in providing your services to this ministry, please contact:

Ms. Sharon Vincent
(225) 272-1603

For details on Child Protection requirements and certification, please visit:


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Our Lady of Mercy is a family of faith united in prayer, love and Catholic Tradition.

We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through evangelization, education and Christian example. We strive to be as faithful as the Blessed Virgin Mary and live our faith by serving God, our fellow brothers and sisters and our community.

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