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Students of the Year ~ Emma Willmann (5th) and Miles Babin (8th)


As National Catholic Schools Week approaches the week of February 1st – 5th, it is our honor to highlight two of Mercy’s outstanding students – Miles Babin (8th grade), son of Kevin and Louise Babin, and Emma Willmann (5th grade), daughter of Dr. Korey Willmann and Bethanie Willmann as our school’s Students of the Year!

The Students of the Year Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding elementary, middle/junior high, and high school students. This program is an opportunity to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement, leadership ability, and citizenship. The Students of the Year Awards Program is sponsored by the Louisiana State Superintendent through the State Department of Education and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Every public and approved nonpublic school in the State with students enrolled in grades 5, 8, and 12 is invited to participate. Candidates for Students of the Year must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 on a four-point scale. Once school level candidates have been selected, the school assigns a committee to assist the candidate(s) in submitting an application portfolio. The portfolio consists of a data sheet; biographical sketch of the candidate addressing at least three or more issues that are important to them and that have had an influence on their lives; the student’s academic achievement including semester grades, report cards, and assessments; leadership activities and recognitions including service/citizenship involvement. Lastly, candidates are interviewed by a panel of Regional and State Achievement Committee judges. The interviews are structured around questions and topics appropriate to the academic level of the student.


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