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The quintessential question we hear most often before a new school year begins is of course, “how did you spend your summer vacation?” Claire Beyer (OLOM 7th grade student) and her mom Dr. Rachel Beyer experienced an international trip this summer that will surely be hard to forget.


Through a mission organization called the Christian Emergency Relief Team (CERT), the Beyer girls traveled to Peru with other medical professionals from the area to provide free medical and dental services for those in the greatest of need. CERT International (based in Tennessee) states that their purpose is to alleviate human suffering with medical/dental services in remote locations and provide relief in emergency or needy situations with the love of Christ.


After a mission trip to Nicaragua in August of 2015, Dr. Beyer enjoyed the experience so much that she couldn’t wait for another opportunity to arise, this time including her daughter along for an experience of a lifetime. Leaving her husband, two sons, and a thriving dental practice for a week to visit a third world country was a difficult decision, but the memories she and Claire made will be cherished forever.


When asked about her experience with this mission, Claire stated, “I really enjoyed seeing how a different culture lives.” Adventuring outside of their comfortable bubble in Baton Rouge was difficult but providing healing and comfort was the motivation that led Dr. Beyer to participate in another medical mission. For Dr. Beyer, “being the hands and feet of Christ as she was helping her brothers and sisters” is a practice that she will continue to pursue with the hopes of one day sharing this amazing experience with her entire family.


This powerful experience was a way to help meet the most basic human needs of the Peruvian people. While there, she witnessed extreme poverty, the need for stable homes, and the great need for better healthcare. According to Dr. Beyer, “Although the Peruvian people struggle with these extreme living conditions, they also have the same desires and motivations as you and me.”



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