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VOL. 38 NO. 25


Serving as Executive Director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops (LCCB) for nearly a year, Rob Tasman is the chief lobbyist for the Catholic Church with the Governor’s Office and State Legislature. He is no stranger to this arm of government, having served as Associate Director of the LCCB for 6 years prior to his promotion.

The LCCB is the policy making arm of the seven Catholic bishops of Louisiana. Tasman works closely with the bishops, promoting Catholic issues in the public square. During the Legislative Session each year, Tasman represents the bishops on bills involving social justice, pro-life, and family life issues. He studies bills and speaks to legislators about the effects of education reforms and state budget cuts on the less fortunate. He strives to be a voice for the voiceless.
Tasman, originally from New York, is a graduate of Boston College where he received his bachelor’s degree and a masters of theology. Also a graduate of Boston College, his wife Katie (née Dietz), received her master’s degree in pastoral ministries from the same institution. After moving to Baton Rouge (Katie’s hometown), Tasman received his law degree from LSU in 2008.

Grounded in their faith, the Tasmans have set the foundation of spiritual lessons for their four young sons. The family incorporates prayer and spiritual lessons as part of their daily routine. The couple works hard to keep the balance of daily demands by keeping their family as the top priority. Each day the family practices an examination of conscience and talks about what each believes was the best part of their day. Teaching their boys that life is not always perfect, they are careful not to leave out the struggles, using those difficult events of the day as teachable moments.

The Tasmans were welcomed into the Mercy family three years ago. They have four young sons; Mack (entering 2nd grade), Kevin (entering 1st grade), Joseph, and Samuel.

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