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OLOM School Distinguished Graduate


Renee Bergeron Richard
OLOM Class of 1971


As a wife of 38 years, mother and grandmother, Renee is a selfless as well as multi-talented woman of faith. Her attention to detail and passion for research is surpassed only by her enthusiasm in sharing her finds with the broader audience. A friendly and naturally gifted story-teller, Renee’s knowledge is easily shared whether it be in print or in person. With all the demands of her professional career, she has also found time to be involved in her respective church parishes as well as at the Family Life and Archives Departments at the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Among the many hats she wears, Mrs. Richard is a registered nurse, television host, archivist, artist, exhibit curator, editor, author, genealogist and volunteer, just to name a few of her roles.


She is the Co-host of the Catholic Life Television series, Roots of Faith and the Co-Author of, Roots of Faith: The History of the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge. An interesting fact, her book was included in the time capsule that was buried in 2011 commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Diocese of Baton Rouge.


Renee has contributed as abstractor, researcher and/or assistant editor to the publication of nine volumes of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records and is a contributing writer to The Catholic Commentator. She has also worked for the Office of Archives and Records of the Archdiocese of New Orleans on five exhibits for the Old Ursuline Convent Museum in the French Quarter. Her day job though so to speak was as a registered nurse for 19 years at Woman’s Hospital. In her spare time, Renee enjoys being a member of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.


She has been married to C.J. Richard, Jr. for 38 years and has two children: Robin Richard Strate and Stephen Richard, also two grandchildren: Eva Strate (pre-K at OLOM) and Henry Strate. She is the daughter of our own beloved Sam and Ann Bergeron.


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