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OLOM ROSARY MAKERS – Celebrating 25 years of Ministry!


The Our Lady of Mercy Rosary Makers group is celebrating a milestone year – 25 years of providing this ministry that encourages love and awareness of Our Blessed Mother by making and distributing rosaries to the Missions, to other ministries for distribution, and to anyone in want or need of a rosary.


It all started with a suggestion from founding Rosary Maker member, Mrs. Alice Lowery’s sister who encouraged her to consider starting a rosary making club at Our Lady of Mercy. Lowery’s sister, founder of a rosary making club at her church in Spring, Texas, told her of all of the positive benefits of having a team gather regularly to string beads onto twine making rosaries for those in need.


Lowery brought the idea to then OLOM Pastor, Fr. Mike Moroney, who gladly accepted it and gave Lowery his blessing to bring the idea to fruition. Advertising for the new ministry first appeared in a 1992 Mercy Alive and eventually in church bulletins all across the Diocese. The group welcomes parishioners, members from surrounding parishes, and anyone who has an interest in learning this skill. If you’ve never made a rosary and have no idea where to start, not to worry, the team of hands on volunteers is ready to provide Instruction for as long as you need.


The group has provided rosareis for nursing homes, schools, and wherever else there was an interest in learning to pray the rosary or the art of rosary making. The first rosaries were made for Our Lady of Mercy School and rosaries have been distriubed and taught at the school since 1992.


According to current Rosary Maker leader, Ms. Elaine Juneau, the group makes mission rosaries which are sent to hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and schools. They’ll even make a rosary in custom colors upon request!


Another fact you might not know about the group is that one member, Ms. Elaine Juneau, is knowledgeable in rosary repair. There is no cost to repair a broken rosary, but a donation is always welcome.


The group meets every TUESDAY, from 8:30 am until 11:00 am in the Coffee Shop. There is no fee to join and no age requirement; all are welcome.


Pictured above from top left: Ed Chenevert, Alice Lowery, Janice Jeansonne, Kathy LeBlanc, Linda Nolan, Elaine Juneau, Karen Dake, Mary Fontenot, Christine Timpa, Diana LeBlanc, Dorothy Cwieka.


For more information, contact:
Ms. Elaine Juneau
(225) 261-4199


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