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A processional cross, or crucifix, is tall enough so that when carried into church at the head of a procession, it can be seen by the entire congregation. This is a familiar object to most of the Catholic faithful. The Pope is often seen being led by a papal processional cross.


The design and style of the processional cross may vary considerably but to be a true processional cross, it should be mounted on a long handle so that the crucifix can be held high. It is carried at the front of the procession and the corpse of the crucified Christ is facing forward in the direction of the procession. The symbolism is that as Christians, we are followers of Christ and walk behind Him. After the cross is carried to the altar, it may be placed on or near the sanctuary for all to see.


The Rambusch Design Studio in New Jersey was commissioned to design this new processional cross. The inspiration was the Monstrance in the Adoration Chapel. The cross was hand carved out of basswood by artisans in Italy who specialize in this artwork. The Rambusch Design Studio is the same company that designed the ceiling mosaic of the Trinity Dome in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which is currently being installed. They are the premier design company in the United States for this type of sacred artwork.


Our cross is arrayed with gold gilded tips on the crucifix and a burst of golden rays emanating from the corpus. The corpus is a white marble color like the carrara marble statues in the Church nave. The back side of the crucifix is also carved so that it is two sided and displays a carved Lamb of God on the back. The crucifix resembles the monstrance in the Adoration Chapel that was also designed by Rambusch. This is a one of a kind piece.


The new cross was blessed an inaugurated at Mercy’s All Saints Day Masses. The processional cross was gifted to Our Lady of Mercy in loving memory of Debbie Plaisance Gwin.


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