Mercy Alive


VOL. 39 NO. 32

Dear Parents at Our Lady of Mercy,

I recently found myself telling a friend, “wow…I just sounded a lot like my mom!” The older I get this is something I cannot deny. And if you are a son or daughter reading this telling yourself this will never be the case for you…oh you just wait. I think we can all agree that, and for better or for worse, we do in fact become a lot like our parents. I know for me, I have found myself thinking out loud using hand movements, like my mom does, and trying to not let colorful vocabulary escape my mouth while trying to pray a rosary while driving because of a lack of patience for fill-in-the-blank-reasons, just like my dad does (Uh, dad, sorry…I love you!).


On a similar note, I still hope to one day have my mom’s master cooking skills, and I am still working on overcoming the urge to honk the horn at the person in front me, like my father has.


Looking back, there were two staple principles my parents had and would never budge on: attending Sunday Mass and having dinner as a family. As I have gotten older, these are two things I have come to heart-fully appreciate my parents standing their ground on, because I was taught there are two things I should always be able to rely on: my faith and my family.


Especially today, we all need to be able to rely on our faith and on our family. And I do have to say, when I look at Mercy, I see great faith, and many great families. We are pretty blessed, and definitely alive here at Mercy.


I really believe some of the strongest memories and sentiments of our loved ones, family and friends alike, are those that have had the faith as a denominator factor. I wanted to share with you today a way you can be a part of your kids’ lives, in an as great or as small of a way as you would like. I have been praying hard and looking for parents who want to help out with and be a part of our Youth Ministry program we have here at Mercy. We have been blessed with passionate and authentic young adults that have stepped up to be a part of the Core team, but there is a certain and important place of need that can only be filled by parents. There are numerous ways for you to get involved: from cooking meals, to leading a small group, from sharing your story, to helping chaperone trips. I ask you to consider helping me help lead our young church to Christ. If your heart is at all tugged by this invitation, I ask you to prayerfully consider becoming involved in our Life Teen (high school youth group) and/or Edge (6-8th grade youth group) programs.


God has been so good to us, and it is definitely not a bad problem to be in more need of volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please email Ms. Amelia Gallagher at and I will be happy to talk further with you!


Our Lady of Mercy, Pray for Us!

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