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Message from Fr. Cleo to the Mercy Grads on what would have been Graduation Day –  May 13, 2020

Dear Mercy Graduates 2020,

On this Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, how appropriate that Graduation at Our Lady of Mercy School was to take place tonight.  I want each of you to know that you have been in my prayers in a very special way today.  Who could have ever thought that the events of the past months would affect our lives in the way that it has affected everything?  I know that there has been a great deal of disappointment that so many of the wonderful activities and events of your Mercy Senior Year have not been able to take place.  Indeed, how we have all missed them!  However, I do believe there has been an important message for each of us.  Life is often filled with many unexpected turns and disappointments.  Yet, we know that it is our faith and our families that enable us to move forward.  Your parents have at great sacrifice given you these important years at Our Lady of Mercy School.  The dedicated faculty and staff over the years have sought to give you a firm foundation upon which to move forward to the next important phase of your young life.  I pray that as you move into High School, you will not forget what you have learned at Mercy.  Our legacy is one of pride, success, honor, and achievement.  I am firmly convinced that God has destined each of you for greatness in things big and small.  I would hope that wherever you are and whatever you do — people will be able to look at you and say: “This young man – this young woman is a graduate of Our Lady of Mercy.”  We would have all been together tonight in our beautiful Church to celebrate your Commencement.  I will miss that!  I know you are missing it too — but we will always be together in our faith, in our hearts, and in the years that bound us together at Mercy School.

God bless you all!  Hold your head high!  Do not forget the sacrifices that the people who love you have made for you!  Now walk with Jesus and Mary into your High School years!

Fr. Cleo Milano, Pastor
Our Lady of Mercy Church and School


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