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Mass Intentions


It is time to begin scheduling Mass Intentions for 2021.  The Mass Intention Book will open on Monday, June 1, 2020 for next year. In the past, we have been meeting one-on-one on the first day of June, but, because of COVID-19, we will be unable to meet with each person. Please fill out the Mass Intention Form from the Bulletin (found HERE) or you may also pick up a form at the Parish Office and return it to Ms. Brenda Brown by mail, bring it back to the Parish Office, or you may drop it into the collection basket at any weekend Mass clearly marked “Mass Intentions 2021.” Please make sure you have your name, address, and telephone number filled out on the form in case there are any questions about your requests. Anyone wanting to purchase a Sanctuary Candle (in Church or Adoration Chapel) or Flowers for the Altar may write their request on the Mass Intention Form.


For more information, contact:

Ms. Brenda Brown
(225) 926-1883



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