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MANNA GIVERS – Feeding the Hungry

Manna Givers is one of Our Lady of Mercy’s social outreach programs which serves the needs of the homeless men who shelter at St. Vincent de Paul downtown on Seventeenth Street.


What does this committee do and how does it work?


The committee supplies a home cooked meal to the men’s shelter six (6) times a year on the second Saturday of the even months. The menu is the same each time. The men love the Baked Lasagna, Corn, Green Salad and Dessert which we provide. This committee is chaired by Ms. Suzanne Fiske and Ms. Pat Tassin who take turns serving at the shelter.


Because some of our committee members can no longer participate, we are in need of volunteers to join with us in this very worthwhile ministry. Each time it is our month to serve, we use our contact list to help provide one of the items on the menu. It is very simple and not demanding. Most of the time, you will only be contacted once during the year. You do not have to serve at the shelter but if you wish to do so you may. Please consider joining us to help “feed the hungry.” This is an easy ministry and does not take a lot of time. Your help will be much appreciated!


“I was hungry and you gave me to eat” – Matthew 25:35

For more information, contact:

Ms. Suzanne Fiske
(225) 924-3454 or
Ms. Pat Tassin
(225) 928-1357


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