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Mercy Welcomes “Little Saints”


In the true spirit of Catholic education, the mission of Our Lady of Mercy School centers on bringing children closer to Christ and helping them to become saints. This fall Mercy began that important work at a younger age than ever before when we welcomed three-year-old students to campus for the first time in the school’s history.


These “Little Saints” are part of a pilot program that the school hopes to expand once the new academic building is constructed on the west side of Marquette, south of the current ECC (Early Childhood Center). The program currently serves seventeen three-year-olds who are parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy.


Mrs. Skyy Hagen serves as the lead teacher for the class. Her experience includes having taught gifted Pre-K for three years in the EBR school system. She graduated from LSU and is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Her teaching assistant, Ms. Taylor Beadle is a Mercy graduate who is aspiring to serve as a lead teacher after completing coursework and certification.


One of the primary reasons for starting a three-year-old program at Mercy is to provide parents with an option of having their children in a Catholic educational environment at an earlier age. The academic curriculum of the Little Saints Program is guided by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). While utilizing Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Mrs. Hagen integrates our Catholic faith through Scripture, Bible characters, saints and liturgical life of the Church. According to Mrs. Hagan, “I have always wanted the opportunity to incorporate the love I have for my faith into the classroom. As a Mercy teacher, I’m not only allowed, but encouraged to answer my student’s questions about our faith and incorporate those lessons in the classroom.”


The first phase of the Traditions for Tomorrow Capital Campaign will fund two new construction projects at the school, a new gymnasium and a new Early Childhood Center. The new academic building will provide at least two classrooms for three-year-old students. The program has been a tremendous success, and the school hopes to welcome more “Little Saints” in the years ahead. We welcome you to call our Admissions Office at 927-2341 to schedule your private tour.


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