Mercy Alive


VOL. 39 NO. 8

How do you LIGHT UP THE LIBRARY? First, you string little white lights throughout the elegant outdoor courtyard at the main library on Goodwood; you line the walkways and adorn tables with candles; you set the tone with local talent and prepare to crank up the rhythm with upbeat tunes from The Rockenbraughs; you line the lobby and fill the aisles with items to delight; you dish out tasty cuisine and offer cheers throughout the night — all for the good of the church and school. But there is one very important element yet to be mentioned; in fact, it is the key ingredient – It is YOU!  The light within you mixing with the lights from your fellow parishioners, parents, and friends that shines forth in times of fellowship and joy. This is the true source of light and energy we want and need to “Light Up the Library” at this year’s Auction on Saturday, March 5th.  We hope you can join your church and school families for this fun-filled, memorable occasion.  Here’s a glance at what’s in store:


Everyone involved is sincerely excited about the unique venue this year.  Principal Brian Moscona says, “The new main library at Goodwood is perfect for us because it is beautiful, education-centered, and in our own backyard.”  Who knew you could have such a large scale, after-hours event at this beautiful and spacious location? In fact, we are the first in the community to do so, but you can be assured we won’t be the last. There will be plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, a jumbo screen for easy viewing, and ample parking just a few steps away from the festivities.


Getting and giving will be made easier than ever imagined this year with mobile bidding available on your smart phone.  Don’t worry if you count yourself as technology challenged. It’s easier than you think, and there will be alternate devices and assistance available.  Bid on items that range from grand-scale alluring destinations to grade-level sentimental masterpieces.  You may be interested in lighting up your living room with a couple of new lamps or bringing home a brand new playhouse— guaranteed to light up any kid’s face.  And best of all,  your getting . .  GIVES back big time to the school that not only educates but strengthens our children’s’ faith formation.


What’s the perfect way to kick-off such an elegant affair?  Why, a complimentary champagne toast (of course!) set to the harmonious sounds of the OLOM choir and various other local musicians all leading up to the lively beats of New Orleans band— The Rockenbraughs— playing well into the night.  There will be plenty of local cuisine on hand including chargrilled oysters and beef wellington, or perhaps a bite of pork or hamburger slider, maybe a cup of gumbo or crawfish bisque, plus more. To satisfy the sweet tooth, save room for heavenly donuts and mouth watering cake balls.   Cash bars are also available for your pleasure.


You won’t want to miss all the fun and fanfare including the revealing of the annual auction video (this will surely bring some laughs)!  But as noted, the real afterglow will come from YOUR presence. What can you do now:  Mark your calendar for March 5th at 7:00 pm at the Main Library located at 7711 Goodwood Blvd., line up your babysitter if needed,  buy your tickets for $40 each by visiting either the church or school websites, “like” and “share” the event by checking out the latest auction news via the church and school Facebook pages, and finally . . . attend, smile, and expect to shine!

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