Mercy Alive

Letter to the Faithful of Mercy from Fr. Cleo Milano


My Dear Parishioners, 


Wow!! These are certainly unique days. Fr. Nutan and I miss you. It is so strange to celebrate no sacraments. I know that you cannot be here at Mercy in our beautiful church – but Our Lady of Mercy lives in you!


Certainly you long for Holy Mass and you hunger for Jesus in the Eucharist. You dearly miss your Holy Hour or just a drop-in visit to the Adoration Chapel. 


This year whether we intended to embrace Lent or not, Lent has embraced us. In these days all of us are reduced to self-denial, quiet, removal of so many of our distractions; find ourselves with more time for reflection and focusing on the needs of our families.


Let us not be overwhelmed by these events but remember that throughout the Bible, God is so often found in the midst of chaos. He leads and guides: He calls for faith, and trust; obedience and confidence. Jesus I Trust In You – as we have prayed so faithfully and confidently.


I want to give a shout out to all of our teachers. Marquette Avenue is so quiet without all of our students. There will certainly be a new appreciation for what our teachers do everyday as I know our parents do their very best to hold family life together.


I want to give a shout out to all who are working in the medical community to serve the sick and keep the rest of us healthy.


I want to give a shout out to all our parishioners and friends in the restaurant business along with their dedicated wait staffs who are really hurting.


I would ask your prayers for our good Fr. Tony Russo who with nothing to do with COVID-19, is recovering from gallbladder surgery.


Thank you Bishop Duca for your brave leadership at this important time. Please let us observe all the guidelines and procedures of the Bishop, the Governor, and the Mayor in keeping safe. 


God is not punishing us. This is not for some sin we have done in our past. We are called to link our suffering to those of Jesus on the cross. He is Blessing us with the Cross. We are called to offer our sufferings for our sanctification and that of our families and the world. To unite our sufferings these days with those of Christ on the Cross. To purify us and to sanctify us in making us holy. The call of Lent could not be more powerful this year.


May God protect us! May he remove the anxiety that is within us. May His Healing Hand be upon all who are ill and suffering. Jesus I trust in You!


Our Lady of Mercy, pray for us!



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