Mercy Alive



During this Lenten season, you are encouraged to take on a spiritual discipline or sacrifice.


Areas of Potential Growth and Change:

What might you choose to do this Lent that will help you grow in this area of needed change? What will help you be more alive in Christ and in your relationships with others?



Attend Mass each Sunday
Attend daily Mass on a more frequent basis
Make a Holy Hour, attend the Stations of the Cross
Pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet every day
Pray with your spouse, children or friends
Read the Bible, spend 15 minutes in silent prayer or read the daily Mass readings each day
Go to confession each month



Give up a meal once a day during Lent
Fast from Social Media, cell phone use, or other forms of electronics
Fast from people or situations that cause you to sin or think bad thoughts
Fast from using bad or negative language
Fast from wasting time and do something productive



Commit a true 10% tithe of your income to the church
Increase your commitment to the Traditions for Tomorrow Campaign
Choose a charity and make a weekly contribution
Give your time to your spouse, children, or grandchildren
Have dinner each night with your family
Go through your closet and donate what you no
longer use


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