Mercy Alive


VOL. 38 NO. 29

Welcome Fr. Nutan Minj!

I was born to a poor middle class family in the village of Konpala Bera Toli which is located in the District and Diocese of Simdega in the state of Jharkhand, India. I know most of you have no idea where these places are located so suffice it to say that my home is in Central India. My father was a farmer, growing primarily grain crops. I am the middle child of seven brothers and two sisters. My parents were uneducated but they were very proud of the fact that all nine children were educated. My youngest brother is also a priest for the Order of Jesuit in India.

My schooling was at St. Anthony Middle School and St. Pius X High School in my home district/state. I had a great desire to become a missionary priest since early childhood so I left home after high school to attend Minor Seminary at Kerala in South India. Afterwards, I came back to Varanasi, North India and completed my BA degree in Philosophy and Theology.

Thirteen years later on May 3, 1997 I was ordained a priest in the Indian Missionary Society (IMS Congregation). My first assignment was as Associate Pastor at St. Thomas More Parish in the Archdiocese of Delhi. Two years later, I was assigned Associate Pastor and later Pastor of St. Cecilia’s Church in the Archdiocese of Delhi. At this point, I had a change of pace and became the Assistant Rector and later the Rector of the IMS Minor Seminary in Meerut, Utter Pradesh. After this experience, I went back to school and earned a MA degree in Spirituality and Counseling at Dharmaram College in Bangalore. Upon receiving my advanced degree, I was assigned to the staff at the Vishwa Jyoti Gurukul, Christnager, Major Seminary as a teacher and a counselor to seminarians. I served in this role for 4  years until a request arrived from Bishop Muench asking for IMS priests to come to the U.S. to serve in the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

In 2010, I was then assigned to St. John the Evangelist in Prairieville to help Fr. Eric Gyan with the heavy workload in his growing parish.  I was later assigned as Associate Pastor to the tri-parish community of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Maringouin, St. Joseph in Grosse Tete, and St. Frances Cabrini in Livonia to help Fr. Sanjay Joseph, IMS. Then I was reassigned as Associate Pastor at St. George to help Fr. Michael Schatzle for the last three years.

These three parishes and faithful church communities did their best to “Americanize” me in South Louisiana. I enjoy reading books, traveling, fishing, swimming, and watching games like cricket, football, baseball, and basketball. I am an avid fan of Saints and LSU! I have a great interest in reaching out and personally getting to know all families and homebound parishioners in our community. I pray that you, faithful Mercy Parishioners, will extend your Southern hospitality and welcome me into your home. If you/your family would like a visit and home blessed from me, please call the parish office. I hope my time here is pleasant and memorable.

God bless you!

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