Mercy Alive

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded” -St. Luke 12:48

VOL. 38 NO. 34

As we’ve just finished our 2014-2015 Annual Report we’re both grateful and humbled by our parish family’s generosity and these words of the Holy Gospel. It is a sacred duty that each member of our professional staff shares with our Pastor and clergy, acting as prudent stewards of each penny in our parish’s burse. Here you can see an illustrated pie chart detailing the distribution of this year’s financial resources.

Both our church and school maintain an active schedule of meetings with independent Finance Councils reviewing expenditures and maintaining our budgets prepared by our leadership. The chairmen of both regularly give reviews to our Pastoral Council and School Advisory Board, respectively.

I am most grateful to Ms. Deanie Smith, Finance Director and her assistant, Ms. Tina Graham together with Mr. Jim Purgerson, Chairman Church Finance Committee and Mr. Brooks Lewis, Chairman School Finance Committee, and Mr. Joseph Ingraham, Chief Financial Officer Diocese of Baton Rouge for their generous support and tireless assistance. We are grateful to the Father for the gift of each of you as we celebrate our Sunday Eucharist and pray that his precious Body and Blood will bring us all together for everlasting life. Amen.

Mr. Randy Arabie
Administration Director

MA-August 23-pie chart Feature

Income – $4,002,124
Expenses – $4,042,378


Salaries and benefits of all professional employees, including pastor & vicar. Supplies, professional services, software, postage.

Insurance, repairs, utilities, security, custodial & maintenance supplies, lawn and garden and all repairs and replacements. Renovations, new building projects, furniture and computers.

Salaries and benefits of Family Life, Youth, Parish Health employees. All non-retained funds collected. Pastoral services.

EVANGELIZATION, FORMATION & WORSHIP Salaries and benefits of all Liturgy & Music employees, Formation & Evangelization employees; professional services, supplies.

10/20 PLAN DIOCESE OF BATON ROUGE Funds used to support the Diocese of Baton Rouge at the direction of our Bishop.

Parish gift to reduce tuition cost and provide temporary, need based tuition assistance for parishioners.

Funds generated through savings re-deposited

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We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through evangelization, education and Christian example. We strive to be as faithful as the Blessed Virgin Mary and live our faith by serving God, our fellow brothers and sisters and our community.

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