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Forty Days of Lent

The number 40 is a very penitential number in the Bible.


Did you know that the number 40 appears 146 times in Sacred Scripture?


Here are just a few examples of its appearance:

  • 40 days of rain during the flood of Noah
  • 40 years Moses spent wandering in the desert


* 40 years he was a Shepherd


* 40 years he led Israel

  • 40 days the spies searched out the Promised Land
  • 40 years of wilderness, wandering in the desert, when Israel was disobedient
  • 40 days the prophet Elijah spent in the cave waiting on word from God
  • 40 days the prophet Ezekiel laid on his side symbolizing the sins of Israel
  • 40 days Jonah preached repentance before God would destroy Nineveh
  • 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness in prayer and fasting tempted by Satan after his Baptism
  • 40 days Jesus appeared to his disciples between Easter and the Ascension




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