Mercy Alive


VOL. 38 NO. 22


That…Our Father’s House will be a haven of peace, a place of prayer, a hall of benediction to which many will come to be with God, to speak with Him and to worship Him; that they leave it sanctified, strengthened, and consoled, we pray to the Lord.” (From the Prayer of the Faithful, recited at the Mass of Dedication)

One year following Monsignor Andrew Frey’s Silver Jubilee celebration, he received the good news from Bishop Tracy that official approval had been granted to proceed with plans for the construction of Our Lady of Mercy’s third and permanent church. A Parish Planning Committee was set in place and work on the long-awaited project began.

The estimated $1.5 million project included a new church, administrative offices, meditation garden, rectory, convent parking facilities, and service buildings, along with the conversion of the old church to its original purpose as an auditorium-gymnasium.

Mercy’s new house of worship was dedicated by the Most Reverend Joseph V. Sullivan, D.D., S.T.D. on the Feast of Corpus Christi, June 1, 1975. In his dedicatory homily, Bishop Sullivan exclaimed, “Many and varied ceremonies and blessings will take place in this church, such as this dedication ceremony which stresses the importance of the church building as a house of prayer.”

This new house of prayer was built with contrasting elements to enhance the charm and beauty of the new church. With touches of basilica and gothic styles of architecture, the modern is blended with the antique; the elegant with the ordinary; the functional with the decorative.

Because of the great importance placed on music at Mercy and to encourage maximum participation by its people, the choir was placed on the sanctuary level. The organ, the first to be installed in Louisiana by Schantz Organ Company, has been enthusiastically acclaimed by lay and professional music lovers.

Since its dedication in 1975 to today, Our Lady of Mercy Parish has witnessed thousands of marriages, baptisms, and provided a place of comfort for families of deceased. In the words of Bishop Sullivan on that special dedication day, “I would be remiss if I did not ask in this church, dedicated to the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Mercy, be prayed to every single day. If you remember Our Lady, you will never be lost eternally.”

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Our Lady of Mercy is a family of faith united in prayer, love and Catholic Tradition.

We are dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through evangelization, education and Christian example. We strive to be as faithful as the Blessed Virgin Mary and live our faith by serving God, our fellow brothers and sisters and our community.

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