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Congratulations Jack Kellerman

It was a great gathering of Mercy Dads who came together at the annual end of the school year crawfish boil in the spirit of true fellowship and fraternal support of each other and the school community.


Mercy Men’s Club past president, Mr. Matthew Nodier had the honor of presenting this year’s Anchor Award to Mr. Jack Kellerman. During his tenure as Men’s Club President, Matthew and his team created the Mercy Men’s Club Anchor Award for Continued and Exemplary Service to the organization. According to Nodier, “we believe the strength and best part of our parish are the people in it working to make it better. Our desire is to acknowledge the amazing long-term efforts of our recipients and as an example of what one man can accomplish.”


Our faith tells us that the greatest among us will be your servant; and it is more blessed to give than to receive. The idea of sacrificing ourselves – in this case our time and efforts – for others it is something we value and look up to as an ideal. 


This year’s recipient is someone to whom we should all admire and aspire to imitate; we’ll never know everything he’s done because he is a master of subtle, humble service, but here are just some of the highlights:


He built and donated the beautiful and large Christmas manger Mercy uses; he designed the rectory courtyard; he donated finished furniture for sale at the parish auction for years; he (and his wife Suzanne) taught Marriage Encounter to young couples seeking to be married in our church; he served as a Confirmation Coordinator; he served on the Mercy Pastoral Council; he served as Extraordinary Minister; he was co-chair person for our school fair in 2015, 2016, 2017 – this was a huge undertaking and he created three unique, fun, and successful fairs. In the course of his work on the fair, he also designed and made all wooden signs for the fair; he redesigned and fixed all of the fair games; and near and dear to my heart, he made and still makes the wooden fair bar signs.


And by the way, he performed all of this service while raising 5 kids, sending all of them here to OLOM – the youngest graduating 8th grade just this year –  and battling a pretty debilitating disease.  Weaker men would have said, “I’ve done enough,” but our recipient knows that even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.


It is our honor and great pleasure to introduce you to the 2018 Mercy Men’s Club Anchor Award winner, our friend, Mr. Jack Kellerman.


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