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Dear Mercy Families,

By now everyone should have received a little letter from me. Five years ago, our parish came together to dream, assess, prioritize and envision the needs for Mercy’s future. 


This was a critical time for our Church and School. The growing demographic of our church parish needed to welcome many new families during this renaissance, renewal and revitalization of Mid-City, Goodwood, and Tara neighborhoods – – -all of which were pointing to a next generation of a Mercy alive and spirit-filled.


We undertook at that time a plan to anchor Mercy for the next 40 years. The first phase included a new 14 classroom Lower School building to welcome the increasing number of young families desiring to come to Mercy, and also included the addition of our Little Saints three-year-old program. 


The second element needed was a new gym for the growing size of the school body and our numerous athletic programs and events. For 50 years, parents and students have desperately desired a new gym at Mercy!


These have been incredible accomplishments in such a very short time. Our whole campus has been transformed. 


A good friend of mine says to me all the time, “You can’t shrink to greatness!” And this project has certainly been a bold and ambitious step forward in faith.


What you see now has been made possible by hundreds of Mercy families who have given generously to make this vision a reality. But the balance in finishing this vision still remains.


So many have given – not with equal gifts but equal sacrifices. Our mission continues in outreach to families new and old to participate in this important Top Off TFT – Traditions for Tomorrow Campaign.


I am acutely aware that all we do is on the shoulders of those who came before us. They have done their part – we must do ours! I need you – I count on YOU – I know I can depend on your support — prayerfully and financially. Changing the world begins with our families, our Church, and our School.


Behold my friends, the delivery on what was promised. Now let us continue to support retiring the balance on the new gym.


You cannot shrink to greatness!”


Without boldness, we would have a school but no gym. Without boldness, we would have a gym but no new Lower School to welcome new families. 


This vision has been great ultimately because greatness is in our people – in the consciousness of our mission and in our dedication and generous hearts. 


“You cannot shrink to greatness!”


Finally, a special word to those faithful Mercy parishioners who have supported these efforts even if they have no ties to the school or whose children have long graduated: You have always been there to support the work of the parish. There are no words to thank you!


There are many responsibilities, demands, challenges, and expectations in leading a parish like Mercy. I want you to know my own commitment as priest and pastor to you. I am not afraid of the challenges but I do need your support and I count upon it.


With a humble heart before God – I ask for your support. Help us now to retire the balance on the gym. We will be reaching out to everyone. Please be open. I know the Lord will bless you in return.





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