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Dear Mercy Families,


I want to express gratitude to those who have already responded to our “Top Off TFT Campaign” to reduce the balance on the beautiful new gym. The gym continues to be and will be for a very long time a source of joy, excitement, and Blue Jay pride — not only for our students but the many visitors as well who come to compete at Mercy. What has happened over the past 5 years is truly remarkable. Our delivery of the new lower school and new gymnasium have been incredible accomplishments in a very short time. Our whole campus has been transformed. This vision has been great because of the greatness in our people – in the consciousness of our mission — and in our dedication and generous hearts.  


Changing the world begins with our families, our Church, and our School. Our people are served at the level of the parish. This is why I always like to say: 

What is good for the Mercy Church Family is good for your family!

What is good for Mercy is good for the Diocese and our Catholic Family at large!

What is good for Mercy is good for Mid-City!

What is good for Mercy is good for your property investments!

What is good for Mercy is good for the community and City of Baton Rouge!


I also want parishioners to know the great responsibility we hold. Make no mistake – our parish has dug deep to make this vision a reality.


I want parishioners to know that we have made a very concentrated effort to scrub the Mercy budget eliminating unnecessary expenditures and focusing on the gym balance reduction. As part of that conservative posture this year, we will NOT  be lighting the beautiful Mercy Oaks for Christmas. It is a more prudent use of our resources to put that expense towards the new gym. So if you want your light to shine – I want to encourage you to support “Top Off Traditions for Tomorrow”.  


With a humble heart, I ask you to join our efforts to reduce our gym balance.






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