Mercy Alive


VOL. 37 NO. 50


The light of Christ shines ever so brightly within our community and most especially during the Christmas season. A warm thank you to all of our faithful families who have remembered loved ones and donated the beautiful FLOWERS and DÉCOR that help bring us into the joyful spirit of Christ’s birth. With sincerest gratitude, we also thank the faithful families who have graciously donated the magnificent CRÉCHE that adorns our church during Christmas.

Blessed Virgin Mary – Roland & Kay Toups
Christ Child & Cradle – Jim & Julie Stalls
3 Kings & Seated Donkey – Ruthie Ann Bullock
Seated Sheep – Connie Deleo
Standing Lamb & Sheep, and kneeling angel – Bob & Dot Baudry
Custom-Made Stable – Jack Kellerman, Trey Monsour, and Dale Songy
Louisiana Cypress – Rumfola Family

We are also very grateful for these commited parishioners who have generously donated:
Dr. Steve Braud
Tina LaHaye
Mary Olive Pierson
Dale & Diane Songy Family

Tony Turner on behalf of Gulf Coast
Bank & Trust Company

Ms. Lucia Agosta
Ms. Kay Arceneaux
Ms. Ruthie Ann Bullock
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Burton
Ms. Monica Callier
Dr. & Mrs. Ross DeNicola
Mr. Charles Favoro
Mr. & Mrs. John Gillis
Mrs. & Mrs. Bob Giroir
Dr. & Mrs. Louis Leggio
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McKowen
Ms. Betty Melancon
Mr. Earl Nelson
Drs. Thomas & Barbara Perone
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Savoy
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scheurich
Mr. & Mrs. Janet Sierra
Ms. Patricia Thompson

Ms. Kay Arceneaux
Ms. Shirley Bergeron
Mr. Jerad Gardemal
Mr. & Mrs. John Gillis
Mr. & Mrs. Sidnee Roppolo
Ms. Betty Scurria

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